Team Ori

Crafting engaging visual stories and holding viewers attention is at the heart of what we do. The language and style we use evolves from project to project, depending on the audience, the platform and purpose of the video, photograph or copy we write. We specialise in short film content for social media.

We’re not your typical corporate agency and we don’t take on projects that are not aligned with our values. We're a small team that thrives on finding alignment and harmony in our projects and in our client's message, and therefore we tend to notice things that others tend to miss or overlook. Maybe its because we pay attention to detail and maybe its because we care about the audience's engagement. Either way we believe that for a project to be successful, everything, from the message to the execution must be in harmony with our values and yours.

What we offer is a mix of marketing, branding and cutting-edge storytelling for the digital age. We understand that the language and message must be different depending on the platform and the audience we are trying to reach, and therefore the style is not always consistent, nor is the creative language we use. As creatives we thrive to constantly evolve and grow and therefore our work is always changing and maturing.