brand videos

Client: Heal Thy Self - Tyler Tolman
Brief: Create a series of promotional documentary videos following the healing and recovery process of people who have followed the Heal Thy Self principals and have healed themselves from extreme health conditions.
Media Use: Promotional and branded content for social media and direct marketing
Location: Australia


Client: Bangarang Muay Thai & Fitness Retreat
Brief: Create a series of promo videos to help the marketing team attract foreign guests to one of Thailand’s premiere Muay Thai resorts. The team wanted us to focus on the variety of services that the gym provides as well as the unique reasons for which guests come to train at the gym’s facilities.
Media Use: Promotional and branded content for social media and direct marketing
Location: Northern Thailand


Client: CoWorkation (StartUp)
Brief: Produce a branded promo video to help CoWorkation explain their unique value proposition. We filmed their digital nomad retreat in various locations across Bali.
Media Use: Website, social media and direct marketing.
Location: Bali, Indonesia

Client’s Feedback: “Ori quickly understood what we wanted to achieve and took charge with the direction of the video. We were extremely satisfied with the outcome. You can see the quality of his work on our video here…”

Client: Fuelshaker - Kickstarter Campaign (Fully Funded)
Brief: Create an effective and compelling crowdfunding video. Apart from writing the script and producing the video, our team also provided product shots, model photoshoot and consultancy on the campaign. The campaign got full funding within the 30 days it ran.
Media Use: Kickstarter campaign
Location: Bali

Client’s feedback: "Working with Ori was an absolute pleasure. Right from the get-go, he brought energy to the project that was truly refreshing. From the planning to script writing, to the whole shooting and editing process, Ori was very passionate about our project."

Client: Celebrity Ink
Brief: Over the course of a few months we created a series of fast-paced, dynamic promo videos to highlight the brand’s offering and high standards. The first promo was designed for outdoor digital signage while the rest were primarily for social media purposes.
Media Use: Outdoor screens and social media.
Location: Thailand

Client’s feedback: “I had met with lots of potentials but Ori's persona, can-do attitude and ability to get the brief right and advise me further was what won the business. A true gentleman and pleasure to work with, Great results and highly recommended!”