Brand Design and Strategy Case Study: Treasury Talent

Background: Treasury Talent, previously known as Davey Lynch Treasury Talent is a leading recruitment agency in Sydney, Australia, specialising in the Treasury sector of the finance industry.
Problem we had to solve: The agency had never invested in building a coherent brand identity as business was flowing in through the familiarity and expertise of the director. Despite the agency being successful within the Australian market, it was missing a clear marketing and branding strategy in order to help it expand.
Objective: Help the agency produce a successful podcast to discuss Treasury matters, gain clarity on its mission statement, values and create a clear brand strategy.
Deliverables: Complete brand guide and marketing strategy used in blog posts, social media and podcast.
Podcast: Produced a weekly podcast which comprised of interviews with industry experts and market forecasts.
Our team put together a successful marketing strategy and concept for the podcast’s pre-launch and launch.