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Selection of promo videos we lovingly crafted for our clients


Client: Fuelbaby

After the success of their Kickstarter campaign for Fuelshaker and the video we created for it, these awesome guys returned to us with a new baby bottle called Fuelbaby. They asked us to create a promo describing the bottle’s unique features, and we dove right into it. Our comprehensive production service included copyrighting, post-production, animation and more…

Shot on location in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Fuelshaker - Kickstarter

The Fuelshaker team reached out to us and asked for help creating a kickstarter campaign. We met up and got down to the bottom of the bottle’s USP and crafted a video to help them raise the funds they needed to launch this unique shaker bottle. We scripted and produced the entire video.


This exciting new start-up wanted an upbeat and exciting promo to launch their new operation. We interviewed and filmed them over 3 days amazing days in Bali. The goal was to emphasise how solopreneurs’ and small start-ups can benefit from meeting other likeminded people while living the life of their dreams.