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Selection of our recent Social Media Promo videos we crafted

Digital Nomad Summit (Celebrity Ink)

Commissioned video to celebrate the end of the Digital Nomad Summit conference in Chiang Mai. Joyful, sexy and upbeat content for social media. The video went viral and was shared among this worldwide community.

Celebrity Ink - Chiang Mai

Following the success of the first outdoor promo video we created for Chiang Mai’s top tattoo studio, were were commissioned to create a whole series of fast paced content for social media purposes.

Celebrity Ink - Chiang Mai

It’s not easy attracting new business and staying ahead of the game. Chiang’s Mai’s leading tattoo studio knows this all too well and asked us to help them create cutting edge and contemporary content for their busy Instagram page.

Chiang Mai International Tattoo Festival

Our client, Celebrity Ink is the world’s largest tattoo business with 9 thriving locations worldwide. We were privileged to be working with them in Chiang Mai and creating content for their busy social media accounts.

Blockchain Zoo

Cryptographic systems such as Blockchain come with a slew of novel jargon and advanced technical concepts, often intimidating to newcomers, which must be thoroughly understood to be integrated effectively into projects. We helped BCZ craft a series of powerful and compelling videos primarily for recruitment and investment opportunities.

Blockchain Zoo (Investors)

Blockchain Zoo is an association of proven Blockchain experts and technology professionals ready to take on new projects. We were commissioned to create a series of engaging videos in English and Bahasa to help with their brand identity.